Our Pricing Guide

Our Pricing Guide

Transparent Solutions You Can Trust

Most Agencies Won’t Talk Pricing

Pricing is the grey area that so many agencies try to gloss over, but we’re not like that. As a business ourselves we know that price is one of many factor you need to include when you’re making a decision, and it’s often the crucial one.

It’s why we put so-called “value-based” pricing policies that charge you more when you can afford to pay more to one side. Instead, we focus on delivering consistent, transparent prices that reflect the scope and scale of the job; nothing more, nothing less.

Website Design Pricing Guide

How Pricing Works

Every Project has dozens of different variables, but that doesn’t mean you have to wait on hold just to get so much as a ballpark estimate.

Any Website is Just a Website

As an Aberdeenshire agency we believe in keeping things simple, so we never lose sight of what we’re doing.

Every website has a list of core features that are all largely the same, and others will also have a number of optional extras. To figure out how many of these you’re likely to need, just keep reading…

Features to Consider

We can’t list every single feature you could possibly choose from, but we can certainly outline the most commonly requested features and tell you a little about them.

Once you know what you are looking for, take a look at our exclusive Pricing Guide.

Pick Your Site Type

No matter whether you are brand new, well-established, or somewhere in the middle, a multi-page site is the scalable, longterm solution for you. It’ll provide you with plenty of highly intuitive functionality, including:

What’s included:•

  • A design that matches your brand•
  • Mobile responsive to display on all devices•
  • Approximately 5-7 pages•
  • Contact form
  • Basic search engine optimisation•
  • Built with content supplied by you
  • Ongoing support, hosting, & updates (monthly subscription)

Quick, at-a-glance content that’s ideal for landing pages, squeeze pages and opt-in pages when you want to promote a new product or service:

What’s included:

  • A design that matches your brand•
  • Mobile responsive to display on all devices•
  • 1 Single Page•
  • Contact form
  • Basic search engine optimisation
  • Built with content supplied by you
  • Ongoing support, hosting, & updates (monthly subscription

Pick Your Features

Be seen by global audience be optimising your content so that Google has no choice but to rank it higher than the competition.

What’s included:

• Top 3 Competitor Research
• Schema Markup
• 5 Local or Industry Directory Listings
• Google My Business Listing and/or Optimisation

Capture the attention of repeat visitors with value-adding content that keeps them coming back over and over again.

What’s included:

• Custom Blog Template / Design
• Blog Archive Page
• Categorisation & Tagging
• Social Sharing Buttons
• 1 Hour of Online Training

Turn your bright idea into the internet’s next-visit store with our E-commerce options.

What’s included:

• E-commerce Platform
• Up to 10 Products Done for You
• 1 Hour of Online Training
• Payment Gateway Setup
• Custom Categories & Tags
• Product Archive Pages
• Product Search
• Product Ratings & Reviews

Take your business online and never lose track of orders and bookings ever again thanks to an intelligent system that controls everything.

What’s included:

• Integrated Booking Platform
• Connection with Google Calendar
• 1 Hour Online Training
• Email Reminders
• Unlimited Bookings

Have a professional wordsmith shape your content until it’s perfect and your brand will have a powerful new voice.

Editing & Optimising the content you provide:

For this option, we’ll help you organise your content for the site, but it’s up to you to write it. Once you’re finished writing, we’ll optimise the content for your site and search engine optimisation.

A completely “done-for-you” service:

If you don’t think you can write your own content for the site, we can provide you with a complete service that will handle all the writing optimised for your site and for search engines.

Take your offering to a new audience and make a real entrance with full branding that ensures nothing is overlooked.
We can create all your branding including Logo, Brand Guidelines & Business Stationary

More to it Than Price

How much you spend is not a guarantee of success in the digital world. What makes the biggest difference by far is connecting with a team that shares your vision for where you want to go.